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Djanogly City Academy was in the news in January after pupil Alan Krzymowski was found hanged at his home in Denman Street Central, Radford. An inquest has been opened.

Also who ever said 'chav', keep your stereotypes to your self you don't know the students and calling people that is going to make them live up to the name, should be asshamed of yourself.

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Plus who ever said blame the parents, sometimes that is necessary, however its not the case for everyone so dont assume they've been brought up badly because you don't know and i can confirm in the case of the young boy who stabbed someone he wasnt.

Buckley, of West Walk, St Ann's, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm and possession with Air Max 1 Essential Black White Gum

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Adrian Reynolds, mitigating, said Jaylani had nothing but remorse.

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And no im not saying what was done was right, it was wrong, but who are you to judge.

He also said, "I only jugged him", a reference to stabbing.

Jordan Doig, 13, who attended the school, was found hanged at his home in The Arboretum on June 9, 2008. An inquest returned a verdict of accidental death in respect of him.

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the administrators, not the government. Little if any form filling or red tape exists. Perhaps a valuable lesson certain influential people in England should study and learn.

The court heard Buckley had been caught in St Ann's with worth of heroin and cocaine and had text messages on his phone that suggested he had been dealing.

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He eventually admitted who he was and told her he made the weapon at school on the day of the incident, taking the blade from a pencil sharpener and pushing it into the end of a felt tip pen.

lack of respect in most of the westernized African nations. Only the non westernized ones cause outrages. In Europe, it is the teacher who is in charge of the classroom, not the head of department, not the headmaster, not Nike Air Max 1 Essential Grey

It IS the fault of the Government it is the fault of the government that banned the use of the strap and the cane. It is the fault of the government and the do gooders who for trendy, liberal, namby pamby, political correct reasons, decided there should be no discipline within schools whatsoever. In Africa, this is not the case. Whippings and beatings in the classroom are common place, as a result, most young Africans have respect for their elders and peers. Ther is little drug abuse, binge drinking etc, etc, or Nike Air Max 97 Premium Tape Qs Silver Bullet

And who are you to judge another human being: dont.

Plus dont come with your stereotypes because you dont know the people about 'chavs'.

Judge Dudley Bennett said: "You had in advance prepared a weapon not for him, but in anticipation that if there was to be trouble you were going to use a weapon in order to inflict injury on people."

intent to supply heroin and cocaine. He got 18 months in custody.

'do us a favour and go educate your kids in africa then' who ever said that is why you get people running around stabbing and attacking other people, keep your dirty little racist comments to yourself!

Firstly, this article only tells you want they want you as a audience to hear, there is more to the story!

I'll think you'll find there's more to the story it just hasnt been included, they only tell you what they want you to know. Plus for all the people that say blame the parents, some parents are crap but not all, just because this child ended up doing something bad doesnt mean it was to do with how he was raised because i know its nothing to do with that.

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´╗┐Ahmed Jaylani locked up for stabbing on Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Se Premium boy walking leaving Djanogly City Academy

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