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"Places that allow smoking obviously are going to have worse air than places that don't have smoking," Dorn said. "It just kind of surprises me they needed a study for that."

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Brandon Dorn, manager at Dorn's Fireside, had a reaction Monday similar to employees at other bars that previously permitted smoking, including Moonlight Liquors and The Backdoor Lounge. All said it should come as no surprise that air quality improves with the removal of cigarette smoke.

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and safety professionals (TSI Sidepak AM510). Yes, you can get it over the internet, they cost $3,975. Is that the one you used, Ms. Moore?

commie's going to convince me to do otherwise. Of course, life is complex. I'll eventually come around to wanting publicly supported health care for my failing heart and lungs, but that's not socialism.

You have issues with a business. Have a bad meal? Feel you were overcharged at the store? New car is a lemon? Contact the business directly with your customer service concerns.

SmokeFree Natrona County conducted the study with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), a nonprofit advocacy organization affiliated with the American Cancer Society.

You called someone an idiot, a racist, a dope, a moron, etc. Please, no name calling or profanity (or veiled profanity $%^ rambled, failed to stay on topic or exhibited troll like behavior intended to hijack the discussion at hand.

"Going from an environment of toxicity to an environment without secondhand smoke, we know is better in the health of Casper," he said.

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set down and shut up. 5 fliping bars to smoke in and they are still whinning like school girls. by the way dorn is not the only bar owner in town, there are several others that could have given their story too. and dorn bar is not any more popular then the moonlight or alibi or the eagles. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

Mincer said the improvement in air quality was expected, but hard data can be useful. Anytime local information supports an assumption, he said it increases the likelihood that policy makers will consider it during the decision making process.

Each bar or restaurant was monitored for at least 30 minutes in a discreet way to avoid altering people's normal habits, according to the study.

Before Casper's public smoking ban, the businesses had an average air quality of 191 micrograms per cubic meter of fine particle air pollution. Afterward, the pollution decreased by 97 percent to 5 micrograms per cubic meter, according to the study.

A level of particles greater than 200 micrograms per cubic meter is considered "very unhealthy" while anything less than 50 is considered "good," according to the EPA's air quality index. The study Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire Cena averages air quality in the four formerly smoking businesses, and Mincer said specific amounts were not released to protect the identity of each location.

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"One half says that secondhand smoke shouldn't be allowed, and the other half says the business owner should be able to run their business like they prefer," Dorn said. If I want to suck bad air, endanger the health of those around me, and model the freedom to buy big tobacco's propaganda for kids, no Air Max 1 Mens Sale

Jason Mincer, spokesman for the ACS CAN, said the study is significant because even small levels of secondhand smoke can be detrimental to a person's health, triggering asthma or heart attacks.

I agree with you housemouse. Leave it to the Casper trib to publish this ridiculous article on the day of a council meeting. An environmental study on the quality of air, by none other than NCSF and Mincer from the American Cancer Society. Quit spending money needed for cancer testing and treatments and leave peoples property rights alone. It starts with a smoking ban, then its soft drinks and salt. We have a ban, they are considering amending it to allow bars to decide for themselves if they want smokers or not. That should make everyone happy, EXCEPT NCSF, and they are feeling real bad that there is a chance they cant force everyone to stop smoking. Get over it, If you dont want to smell smoke, dont go into a bar that allows it, its that easy. and to have this article the same day as the city council will hear the smoking ban for a 2nd reading, wow so weird. Small levels of smoke can be detrimental, can i stop laughing long enough to finish reading this dribble?. when does it stop, when does the city council put their foot down and tell these waco's to go home Air Max Zero Pigeon

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YOU SHOUTED YOUR COMMENT IN ALL CAPS. This is hard to read and annoys readers.

"We just really hope that the city council will take a serious look at this and use it to determine what kind of city they want Casper to be going forward," he said.

I am more than a little surprised by the strong negative reaction the previous commenters have to this article. Yes, this study seems intuitive. But when you have people questioning if secondhand smoke is harmful, providing expert information can help folks become better informed the analysis was conducted by Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Health Behavior and Aerosol Pollution Exposure Research Laboratory. You can look it up yourself, the instrument used in the study is built for industrial hygiene Air Max 1 Prm

The organizations monitored air quality in October 2010 at four smoking restaurants and bars in Casper before the ordinance began. As a follow up, they sampled the same businesses in March.

´╗┐Air quality in Casper businesses improves after smoking ban

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Dorn, though, said people likely took air quality into account before visiting smoking establishments in the past. He doesn't think a new study will change people's long held opinions, argued time and again at council meetings this past year.

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If your comment was not approved, perhaps.

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The air quality in Casper businesses that previously allowed smoking improved significantly after the smoking ban took effect last September, according to a study released Monday. Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality Index, respectively.

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