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Here's what happened. I woke up sitting on the floor, bleeding from my chin. I hit my chin on the bedside table and the furniture sure came out on top in that non fight.

Once in Florida, we made our way to Disney World. It was Nike Air Max Zero Wiki

It's been just over three weeks since the stubble has felt a razor; the longest I've gone without shaving at least part of my face.

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was told they could glue the wound. That was my early Christmas present.

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Do you remember the last time you fell out of bed? It had been awhile for me, until a few weeks ago.

In the meantime, I'm holding on to my chin.

´╗┐An embarrassing admission en route to Disney World

At around 10:30am, I found my way to a local clinic. I was told to come back a couple of hours later.

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such a great time, the screams of excitement, meeting Mickey Mouse. My almost 8 year old son was also thrilled!

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an almost hole in my leg.

About a week before we headed home, I played a round of golf in Hollywood. Nike Air Max 1 Fb Yeezy And I experienced a first; not a hole in one but Air Max 1 Jewel

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I was standing just off the fairway when a golf ball smacked me just left of my left knee. Apparently the group before mine didn't see us since no one yelled 'Fore!'.

I should also mention that I haven't shaved my chin since the 'incident'.

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I should mention this was the day before my family was heading to Florida. We had some errands to run. That turned into my wife running those errands while I looked for a place to get stitched up. Allow me to admit right from the outset that I'm no fan of stitches. Never have been, never will be.

The hours somehow passed and the wait was worth it. I Air Max 97 Hyperfuse Orange

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The next day, we flew to Florida.

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