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Dave lives in Duluth, an hour or more distant from this river, and is among a fairly small legion of conservationist nutjobs who can't quite Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian get enough of river fishing, fly rod in hand.

In the north country, the Hex bears the weight and importance of life itself. Trout need these flies to gain weight, often putting on as much as 25 percent of their annual chubbiness in the three weeks or so the Hex is present.

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

erratic as it's been this summer, of Hexagenia, or "Hex," a mayfly.

Headlamps are required here, also depth charge size cans of mosquito dope, patience, too, and not a little humility, in that anglers often cast flies to trout whose locations can only be estimated.

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

We pushed downstream, gently paddling. But the night was not unfolding as we wanted. We saw very few Hex duns on the water, the stage of the fly that appears on the surface briefly Nike Air Max 1 Limited Edition

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

Late one evening last week, Dave Zentner and I slipped our canoe quietly into one of many rivers that twist and fall across far northwest Wisconsin, not far from Lake Superior. These are waters, often, that divide vast sloughs, draining cedar bogs and tag alder swamps. The most famous is the Brule, a river fished by five presidents. On this night Dave and I are on a smaller stream, brought here, each of us, by the hatch, Air Max 97 Bullet

Downstream, a muskrat broke the river surface gently, plying his trade. Otherwise, save for the laughing of distant coyotes, and the occasional bark of a hen mallard, the evening was as quiet as it was black.

other gear inside, not least boxes of flies and fishing memories dating back six decades.

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

´╗┐Angling in dark puts trout in new light

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

IN NORTHWEST WISCONSIN Rivers paddled at night focus the senses. Water laps more loudly than in daytime. So too the wails of coyotes and songs of sedge wrens, whose callings pierce the dark, like thunderclaps.

Also, cedar waxwings chomp on these flies, as do turtles, frogs and blackbirds, each a part of a life mix that begins and ends, fundamentally, with clean, cold, flowing water.

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

The Hex is noteworthy because when it's present, monstrous trout often rise to the big Hex imitations anglers deploy, and because (see above) night fishing focuses the senses in ways few other experiences do.

Dave's wife, Margo, an apparent saint, will tell you her husband comes and goes with the season's hatches, sneaking at all hours from the house with a canoe on top of his truck, and Nike Air Max 1 Trainers Sale

In spring, Henricksons are among the first flies that gather Dave's attention, followed by caddis and stoneflies, then brown drakes and, finally, the Hex.

Lying in wait, unspeaking, we were pushed up against the left side of the river, our paddles in the soft river bottom, holding the canoe in place.

This small stream traveling at night presents its own form of trout fishing, particularly so on a river marked by so many deadfalls. Casting 7 weight rods with heavy, short leaders, the undertaking, in boxer's terms, is less light footed punching than stand and slug.

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

"It's a night by night thing, the hatch, particularly this summer," Dave said. "Let's see what happens."

More unfortunately still, no spinner fall was occurring, this last marked by the falling of Hex flies that, having risen from the river and mated, die and fall back to the river, triggering, usually, a hellacious trout bite.

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

Also, by seasons, trout otherwise hidden beneath the surface tip up their noses to sip flies, an action that resonates stereophonically in the dark.

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

My biggest trout of the night I fooled when darkness had so overcome us I could have cast no less effectively with my eyes closed.

Around shadowy river bends, alert for the sound of trout rising and the sight of spinners falling, we paddled. We saw none of the latter but intermittently detected the former, taking turns casting as we did.

"Once you hook up, you need to keep the fish out of the brush," Dave said. "Sometimes you have to 'horse' them in to do that, which is why we use the heavy leaders."

Then, upstream, we heard a splash that registered high on the Richter like scale Dave uses to gauge the size of rising fish.

before becoming airborne.

Air Max 1 Dark Obsidian

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